Coastal Partners is made up of a team of SEO and PPC experts who have worked in a multitude of industries. From ecommerce, to brick and mortar businesses, to media companies and everything in between, we have helped to generate traffic for companies around the world.

The difference between Coastal Partners and other “consulting firms” is that we have real, personal results to back up everything we say. We know that many “teachers” turn to consulting when they can’t produce their own results, but Coastal Partners is the polar opposite.

Founders of Coastal Partners

Jonathan Wanchalk

SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing at Coastal Partners


Jonathan Wanchalk has been building various web properties for well over a decade. Originally focused on content driven websites, he eventually transitioned into affiliate marketing. It was here that he first started to generate substantial, qualified traffic to his websites. Eventually, he realized that instead of marketing other brands, he would benefit even further from creating and promoting his own brand. 

It was at this point that he co-founded JM Bullion, Inc. in 2011. In less than a year JM Bullion would generate tens of millions in revenue, acquire for $875,000, and later grow into the largest retailer of precious metals retailer in the world.

Today Jonathan owns several of his own websites across multiple industries with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and he uses this first hand experience to produce results at Coastal Partners. He is not actively taking on any outside work as he focuses on his own websites, both in ecommerce and content focused sites. A brand new website, built passively, includes Oakhurst Cards, which will be a content driven website with a focus on high end vintage baseball cards and other associated higher end modern issues.