Using SEO to Increase Traffic 400% to 10,000 Monthly Visitors

Not only has the team at Coastal Partners founded and help to build large brands in the past, we are very active in the current SEO and PPC climates. We know what works and what doesn’t, with our body of work being the proof. The following case studies help to demonstrate results that we have created.

It is important to note that the following examples were under very competitive conditions. We pride ourselves on having built web properties with very intense competition, which is a testament to our ability to thrive in any landscape.

SEO Case Study

This website was generating around 2,500 organic (free) visits per month as of November, 2016. The number was fairly stagnant, and the website needed new life.

As you can see, traffic from August, 2016 to November, 2016 was fairly flat and the site was not growing. It was sustaining current volumes, but something was missing. Why wasn’t the traffic increasing if the site was actively maintained?

The first step towards increasing traffic was understanding how the site functioned in its current state.

How many unique pages are on the site?

Is the content truly valuable, original, and useful to the reader?

Is the site responsive to all users, including those on phones, tablets, as well as desktops?

Is there low hanging fruit that has been overlooked?

These are a few examples of what needs to be considered when attempting to grow a website’s traffic. We took all of these factors into consideration and made a plan. There were a number of changes that needed to be made…

First, the site had a number of redundant pages. Many of the topics overlapped and did not offer unique value to the user. Google will realize this and penalize the site accordingly. To remedy this, we merged shorter, similar topics into lengthier, comprehensive individual articles. In addition, we outright deleted pages that were deemed to be low quality and not valuable to visitors.

Next, we identified a gap in users. The number of mobile users was too low. There was clearly much more mobile traffic available than the site was receiving. In the initial sample period, mobile volume was small by quantity, and it represented 46% of total traffic.


It was obvious that the site layout needed a number of tweaks to encourage more mobile traffic. We made a number of aesthetic modifications with the user experience of the mobile visitor in mind, and Google paid attention.

While the % of mobile users grew significantly (~20%), it was the overall volume that was even more noteworthy. This was an example of both improving experience for users of all devices as well as going after low hanging fruit.

Finally, we looked at the site structure and made a plan. The site needed more high quality content. The type of content that makes the visitor want to stay. We made an outline with topics of interest for our visitors and started adding new pages to the site.

The process of organic traffic growth was not instant, but it was steady. As we added more content, traffic began to take off. The key to SEO improvement for this site was to clean up the existing structure, plan ahead, and then ultimately executing with a definitive game plan.

It goes without saying that content alone will not create a 400% increase in traffic for a website. This is where our expertise comes into play. Everything from how the site is laid out, to page titles and descriptions, to which pages link to others, to which sites are linking in will impact how much overall traffic your website receives.

The more competitive your industry, the longer proper SEO will take to see results, but in the end, the white hat approach used by Coastal Partners will reap sizable rewards for your brand.