Proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the difference between generating “free” traffic and having no organic visitors at all. SEO is an evolving art, where tactics and strategies used this month can easily be outdated by next quarter.

SEO is all about how the search engines (namely Google and Bing) perceive you and your brand. If the search engines see you as valuable, they will reward you through high rankings in search results. If they do not see you as valuable, however, your traffic will be minimal, if not entirely non-existent.

How Your Brand is Ranked in Search Engines

The Coastal Partners team has over a decade of experience building high quality web properties that generate large amounts of organic, free, and consistent traffic. While it may seem too good to be true, organic traffic through SEO will frequently provide the most valuable visitors to your site.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. As a user, which company will you inherently trust more…the brand with a “paid ad” or the one who Google ranks at the top in their normal results? Recommendations always say more than a paid voice, and your website visitors will recognize that. Plus, a large percentage of users are outright blind to ads, whether they are banners or paid search engine results.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

There are two different primary approaches to SEO. These are known as “White Hat” and “Black Hat.” As you may have guessed, White Hat SEO means taking the clean, proper, and honest approach to SEO. Black Hat SEO bypasses all correct methods and instead goes for the quick traffic grab.

Google and Bing will usually catch websites built with Black Hat SEO very quickly, so if you want your traffic to last more than a few weeks, you will need to take the White Hat approach. At Coastal Partners we always work towards quality, enduring solutions, and not quick traffic grabs that will inevitably vanish within days.

How Coastal Partners Creates SEO Results

There is no way around it, proper SEO takes a lot of time and effort. Depending on both the type and volume of traffic you are looking for, results can take anywhere from days or months to materialize. The important element to remember is that you are working to impress the average user. Google knows this, and they want to make sure you are properly vetted (in their eyes) before they are ready to present you as a result to their searchers.

You can read a book on SEO, but it will not even touch the surface when it comes to explaining just how advanced the art of search engine optimization really is. The reality is that SEO strategy is always changing, and tactics from years, or even months ago are often times entirely useless.

There are a number of dynamics that come into play when optimizing a website. This is where we communicate with you in order to understand your goals. You tell us what type of traffic you are looking for, and we go out and find it. The strategy for acquiring one type of user is going to be different than another, and the ability to adjust is what allows us to efficiently find the right, qualified traffic for you.